Hints to Help You Submit a 5-Page Paper in a Short Time

Are you a college student who has to write a five-page paper but has little time on their hands? Or maybe you’re just nervous about how your paper will come out? Whatever the case, we are here to help! The purpose of your five-page paper is to describe an event, how something works, or to persuade the reader in some way. Most five-page papers have a minimum word count of 1,500 words. However, you can have fewer words if you want the paper to be more concise. If you are wondering how to submit a five-page paper fast, then do not worry! There are many different methods that will help you complete your task quickly and easily.

How long should it take?

If you are writing a five-page paper on a historical event, the amount of time you complete your paper depends on the topic. If you are writing on how something works, then research and learning about that particular topic will help speed up the process. If you are trying to write an argumentative or persuasive paper, your main goal should be to write as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

The main steps include:

  • pre-writing,
  • writing,
  • post writing.

Pre-writing: This includes all the steps that you may have already completed. It could include reading the assignment, outlining the paper, writing a rough draft, or even brainstorming ideas. These are all prep-writing strategies meant to ensure that you know exactly what should be in your five-page paper.

Writing: It is the actual writing and editing process. Once you get started, it is important to write as much as possible in one sitting. The amount of time that you take to write depends on commitment to completing the task. If your mind gets distracted at any point during this step, then take a five-minute break and return to it later.

If you are writing on a computer, the program will alert you when the time ends for your five-page paper. You can also use the handy stopwatch that many computers have. However, if you do not have access to a timer or stopwatch, make sure that you keep track of how much time you spent on each paper section.

Post-writing: This step involves editing the paper and making any necessary changes to ensure it is 100% complete. Once you have finished writing, it is time to review your work and then edit it. If you find that you need more time to go over your work, then consider another strategy.

Break your tasks into smaller steps

One of the most effective ways to submit a five-page paper fast is to break your task into smaller parts. By breaking down your paper into separate steps, you will feel more motivated to complete each step, which will help you finish on time. If you have a large project, divide it up by parts and days. For example, if you need to write 1,500 words in five days, divide them up so each day has 300 words for the five-page paper. If you are trying to figure out how to write a five-page paper fast, breaking up your project into smaller parts makes the project seem easier and more manageable.

Write large to write faster

If you need to submit a five-page paper one day, you probably do not have time for editing. Therefore, you should write as fast as possible and not fret over spelling, grammar, or punctuation. The most effective way to write large is to use a large font. If you are writing on a computer, there are also many ways to increase the font size. If you do not want to use a bigger font size, try writing in all capital letters. You will probably have time to go back and edit it later if you need to.

Power writing

Another effective way to submit a five-page paper fast is called power writing. Power writing means that you are going to write as much as possible in one sitting. For this method, you will need a timer or stopwatch to know when to take a break. The ideal time for the break is between 10 and 90 minutes. When the timer rings, take a five-minute break, then get back to writing! Power writing allows you to write more in less time because you have built up your endurance by practicing it.

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