Ideas to Make a College Paper Unique

Students transition from high school life to campus, whereby they learn how they can write an outstanding college paper. During my first semester in college, my professor assigned me an essay and then told us that we were to forget almost everything taught to us previously, like rephrasing questions and introductory sentences.

I had learned writing one way during my years in grade school but am now being told a different thing. I was unsure what could impress my professors when I wrote my first paper in college. I did not know how I could make my paper stand out and also impress my professors.

I improved in writing my college papers as each day passed and over the years after realizing that there were many ways of writing a college paper. When I enrolled for a master’s degree, I had ideas working on my papers to get A’s in every assignment that I did.  I have compiled different ideas that will improve your skill in writing and make your writing unique.

  1. State your Position

As I transitioned from high school to college, I thought I had complete knowledge of writing my academic papers, much to my surprise that I only submitted shallow work. My work lacked scholarly references that supported my ideas. I realized that one had to jot down the main ideas, find a few references that supported the ideas before presenting your work to my lecturer.

  1. Satisfy the writing expectations of your professor

A student will get to know their professor’s needs based on the previous work they had done. It would be best if you went through your work to check your spelling and grammar and then formatting your work.

  1. Go through your papers and check for errors

The best way to read your papers is by reading your work out loud and backward. Reading through your work in this format shall help a student to capture errors very quickly.

  1. Don’t fear challenging something

The best way of challenging an idea that is said in class is by looking for references to support your thoughts. Most professors assign marks based on how a student gives out their answers.

  1. Show that you know something

For a paper to stand out, students need to connect what they learned from the beginning of the class to where they start writing their college paper. A student should avoid a summary of their work but instead show scholarly support, give examples, and connecting materials.

  1. Choosing different Vocabularies

Students should avoid using filler words while writing their work which would make their work vague. The best writing technique is for students to cite their college papers using a scholarly source to avoid their work from being empty.

A professor likes their students showing that they can reason widely using the information that they acquire in class. One can also use the thesaurus to find different vocabularies for their work.


Many students may struggle to make their college papers to be unique. The students should, however, consult their professors for assistance in writing their work. As a student, you have to look for different articles and read them widely to make your work better.

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